Welcome to the blog of UFO artist, Raphael Terra. 

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Raphael is an Italian/American now living in the US. He is quite insane and spends a lot of his life sleeping in his Range Rover in some remote location. 

He is currently working with a Hollywood studio on a major new science fiction movie. 

He hunts UFO's all over the world and he creates art based on his experiences. 

Raphael has written four books in a series entitled The Bizarre World, encompasing everything from Atlantis, Aliens, the Illuminati, Secret Societies, conspiracy theories, the nature of existence and much more! See HERE

His work is now being sought after by lovers of "Pop Art" as it speaks a new language for today, with rich landscapes infested by flying saucers and cityscapes invaded by strange objects. 

His name is his own creation. (Raphael means "God Heals", a name for an angel of light and "Terra" is the Earth. He is therefore and angel of light come down to earth.) 

Raphael's work is now being used by MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) on the front page of their international website to illustrate their stories. This is great news for the world's largest UFO organisation and great exposure. In addition to that, the UFO International Project is also using his work in the same way with over 120000 hits per month all seeing Raphael's work.  


If you'd like to use Raphael's art for your UFO project, magazine, website or book, just let us know via the esotericaartagency.com website or connect with Raphael on twitter @UFOARTRAPHAEL. Use is free as long as you credit and add links. 

All Raphael's work is available as prints, canvas, framed, t-shirts, mugs, iPad covers, bags and much more by clicking here.  

All images are copyright of Raphael Terra and Esoterica Art Agency 2017.

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